Secret Saucer

Private and anonymous discussions for your workplace

Secret Saucer is an anonymous space for colleagues to share and discuss things about their workplace. Here, employees are free to speak their mind without being afraid of negative consequences. We require that you have access to your company email every time you sign in. Only current employees get in, making discussions private and relevant!

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Hi Product Hunt, Rapha here! I've built Secret Saucer on my free time, just for fun. After working in startups for a long time, I've always been frustrated with the lack of transparency and amount of sugar coating that happens to keep employees "happy". I believe this is the wrong approach, and that employees themselves don't need anyone to make up stories for them. On Secret Saucer, I hope that people can start talking more openly about what they think, how the company is doing and important things like salary and gender equality. It is built in a way that doesn't require HR or Managers to interfere, even though I also hope they can participate together with others. I'm not making any money out of this project, I just hope you guys find it useful. I'll continue adding more features and polishing it, based on what I think is worth doing and also on your feedback! More than happy to hear anything you have for me both here at PH or directly via email no - I'll make sure to get back to all of you! 
 Cheers & have a lovely weekend!
@secretsaucer @raphacaixeta This looks interesting. How do you plan to monetise it ?
@shreyaa_ratra I know it's a heresy to say that but I have no plans made for that. There are obvious options like selling data to companies, but I don't want to do that to keep it independent, anonymous, and safe for employees to use. Let's see what happens in the future! Let me know if you have any ideas 😄
Interesting concept for sure. I wonder how one could get their team mates to participate without affecting the anonymity piece. Often if teams are small its still possible to work out who said what by linking what they say to what they are working on in the office for example...
@abadesi Hi Abadesi - thanks for the feedback! It's true - that's I think the biggest hurdle for a product like that. I believe that for a very small team this concept wouldn't really work, but once a company reaches a fair size (>20 or 30 people) then it becomes a little easier to protect anonymity. To get team mates to join, I thought about building "anonymous invitations" but it felt to me like something that could get really spammy... So, for now I'm happy to rely just on word of mouth and see what happens 😉 Thanks again! R

easy to sign up, never shares your position or name and makes it easy to understand current themes with teammates anonymously


easy to use way to discuss company issues anonymously


No major cons