The most practical growth hacking guide ever, taking users from "no idea where to start" to "thousands of users", starting with your user persona right through to Twitter, Instagram, and SEO growth hacking, and even bonus areas like content marketing, sales software, app store optimisations and a tonne of other bonuses.

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Hey guys! Let me know if you have any questions about this, or any growth hacks!
@vincentdignan Would love to know, how do you build a Facebook Group from scratch and lay the initial ground roots? Have been following your journey, and love what you're doing!
@iamwormify Yep, here's a top 10: 1) Make sure the group has a reason to exist, it can't be yet another marketing group 2) Add all of your (relevant) friends into the group - you can do this pretty fast 3) Add your email list(s) into the group as email invites at a rate of 55 per day - export your linked in contacts and do the same 4) Make sure there are 21 great articles or videos in the group on day one or everyone you invite will bounce 5) Have a pinned post welcoming people in and tag new members in that post so they get a good onboarding 6) Produce 3 posts a day every day in the group 7) Don't let people put external links in the group, it'll kill the reach 8) Live videos have the most reach, so do semi-regular posts and AMA's 9) Invite good writers/video makers to pot in your group 10) Use Grytics for analytics Any other questions let me know!
@vincentdignan Piggybacking off the top post: You can also buy the physical book from Amazon:
@vincentdignan @iamwormify How does a facebook group grow from these actions?
@austenallred @vincentdignan Hi guys, bought the No Brainer bundle. Can I get an invite to the facebook and slack groups? Let me know what you need to verify.
Purchased and read it a while ago. Highly recommend! Can't wait to try a ton of the stuff in there after I launch "Marvin" in June. Thanks guys for putting this together!
@christinawyvern Thanks Christina! What are you doing with Marvin? What's your launch strategy?
@vincentdignan Not too focused on the launch. More just long-term growth. But I have a prelaunch list and will post in different communities I am part of. Also trying to get some press and reviews from influencers. Long term: blog, courses and video content, maybe try paid ads at some point. And definitely partnerships and affiliate program.
This looks awesome!
@louise_croft Yessss! What are you working on now?
Oh hey. I'll be around too.
Great book πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ - have found myself referencing it in conversations with various founders. Stuffed full of practical and actionable advice for startups looking to get traction and get growth. Bump it up to the top of your reading list.
@koomerang Thanks so much man! What are you working on now? Good to see you the other day also!