Secret Santa

Organize Secret Santa groups with your friends

Secret Santa lets groups you organize your Secret Santa events with ease. Add all friends and send out individual wish mails with a single click. Once everyone has confirmed and fill out wishes, Secret Santa will notify your friends about the draw. Support for draw rules and custom cover cover images are coming soon!

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Hohoho Hunters & Makers! πŸŽ… After several iterations I've finally managed to ship this app πŸŽ„! Often when it comes to organizing Secret Santa groups either some person can't attend for draws, others don't have a Facebook account or some don't use Slack or WhatsApp. 😀 So I built this app to make it easy for you and your friends organizing Secret Santa groups for gift exchanges. Secret Santa allows you to organize your Secret Santa events with friends in a way people always wanted. 🎁 It's as simple as adding your friends to the group and sending out individual wish mails with a single click. Once everyone has confirmed and filled out wishes, organizers will be able to send out the draws via email to your friends. πŸ’Œ I have a list of features that I will add over time, so keep updated with things like draw rules, custom event cover photos, wish lists, text messaging and a lot more! πŸ›  I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about that! πŸ’– Enjoy your gifts and have pleasant Christmas days! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ’
Hi Glenn, Nice smooth design. Feature Idea that we saw on Tirokado (french service that we used for our secret santa) - Gifts Idea - Possibility to remove some eventual crosses (We used it to remove exs & couples matching in our groupe of friends).
@joseph_ayoub Hey Joseph, thank you! And thanks for your feedback! For gifts ideas I have something similar in mind with a dedicated wishlist feature. Also draw rules are already on the list for v2 (which I aim for releasing before next Christmas) since with my relatives I also prefer not to draw my wife πŸ˜„
Hey Glenn! Great work on the design! How is this different from
@thesameerk Thanks Sameer! I don't know how elfster work but I was focusing on a minimal flow as possible at Secret Santa.
Great work you did here! It seems we will use it at our office this year! πŸ‘
@braves_only Awesome, let me know how it worked for you! πŸ‘
Wow that's cool! I'll tell my colleagues to install it and we'll have a great game soon :) Thanks, Glenn!
@tanya39429989 Super cool, let me know how the experience was!