Secret for iMessage

Send secret messages that self-destruct in iMessage.

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Not to be confused with the famous Secret? (Now shut down)
@chrismessina Correct. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
@elmerm @chrismessina Yet, the infmaous Secret is coming back according to cofounder DByttow this weekend. cheers and nice work.
Hi Hunters, Today we're launching Secret for iMessage to help you send self-destructing messages to friends and family directly inside of iMessage. We built this app because we wanted to be able to protect our private messages without having to leave iMessage. Recipients can be on non-iMessage devices and still see the messages using their browser without downloading any app or signing up for an account. We'd love for you to try it and give us feedback on how to improve it. It's free and we plan to keep it that way.
@elmerm what is the inspiration behind Secret?
@dredurr We thought it'd be fun to be able to send messages that can be better controlled by the sender (e.g. being able to retract a message, control number of views, etc.) and since iMessage is the system most of us use on a daily basis, we saw this as a perfect opportunity so we built it. the fact that I don't have to step in/out of iM.
Sounds like a great app, I like the option of being able to retract a message.