Secret 3.0

Share anonymously w/ friends (on Android & avail worldwide)

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Today Secret launched on Android and is now available worldwide. Secret's received a ton of criticism (and will most definitely receive more as it expands beyond the tech scene). I'm a big fan and excited for @chrysb, @davidbyttow, @samhouston, & team. cc @andrewchen, @JaredSF.
Really impressive how quickly the full featured android app came together. Great job @pandemona
@miradu I was really glad to see that Secret for Android had highly-requested filtering features before the iOS version. Now they're both caught up which is even better for consistency.
Their UX is outstanding. Very easy to use. Love the way they educate users about how the app works. I have a hard time coming up with things I would post on Secret but not Twitter, but I'm sure I'll get there.
One of my favorite apps, and when it was iOS-only, it was the only reason I would pull out my iPad in the afternoons. Now I can check it all day ;)
Finally! Now I can stop turning on my iPhone every now and then...