Send a message through a safe, private, and encrypted link

Secret is an open-source tool that allows you to safely send a message privately using an encrypted link.

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How does it guarantee that only the intended recipient sees it? If someone intercepts the link in time he can read it as well, and the intended recipient wouldn't even notice the breach.
@jkrenge you can add a passphrase to it.

This would have been nice 10+ years ago, but I think in this day and age all major web apps (especially communication services ex. gmail, facebook, twitter) have figured out encryption.





Am I missing something? Whatever method you use to share the link reveals your identity. So how is this anonymous?
@bulleitandcoke I think it's aiming to prevent your message from being read by someone other than the intended recipient.
@bulleitandcoke I didn’t see anonymous listed. It’s private and auto-expires.
@theclaw33 the recipient can take a screenshot though. Why not use Snapchat. Take a blank image and add text. At least you get notified if someone screenshoots it
@theclaw33 @bulleitandcoke well that's not possible because we don't ask for any user information. So there's no way to "send you a notification"
Why would anyone use it? If I need to share my link and passphrase to someone, I'll rather communicate the message directly.
@vignesh_sankar Say you want you share a password with your co-worker, you can directly share with him and it will be saved on the chat platform you're using. With secret after your coworker opens the link, it will be deleted. So it's not saved forever.
@vsnthv That's cool! Do you know if they encrypt their messages/files?