Save up to $20,000 on 50+ SaaS deals. It’s totally free!

Secret is the first platform of exclusive offers on services for startups. Save up to $20,000 on 50+ SaaS deals to grow your business. It's totally free.
Partners include: Airtable, Freshworks, CleverCloud, Sendinblue, Mailjet, Algolia, Hotjar, Typeform
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17 Reviews5.0/5
I'm following these guys since the private beta. The new version looks very promising! Can't wait to have even more SaaS. Thanks 🙌
@alexd Thanks Alex and hi everyone! We are excited to be on PH. We have a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs worldwide who save money on the best software when growing their startup. We want to give everyone the same access to the best resources. And right when you need them, at the start of your business. We have several key partnerships in the pipeline. Would love to have your feedback!
The best tools for startups finally accessible! These tools are essential to make your business scalable. I am a big fan and I look forward to having them add more SaaS.
@thegendre Thank you! We do have a strong pipeline of upcoming software apps indeed :)
I discovered Secret in their beta when you had to pay €49 to get access to the deals. Now it's free. It's the perfect thing to start a business. I love it!
Get access to the best products to launch your Saas and try them out for free to make sure they fit your business. It's a great offer for anyone starting a company or just trying out new processes !
@maxime_guidap Thank you Maxime! Really appreciate it.
I use Secret when it was called Secret Saas and it really helped started my project with 1000 euros of cloud for 49 euros. It worst it.
@adrien_pe That sounds fair :) Thanks Adrien!