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We're excited to release the SEC API - it provides easy, free access to the latest financial statement data from SEC filings for ~19,000 public companies, and 5 years of historic data. Would love to hear what you think (I'm the co-founder)!
@pratapranade This is great, awesome stuff Pratap. Also while we are on the topic of SEC filings, I discovered http://rankandfiled.com/ recently, and also found it pretty useful.
I was following Kimono Team since start, and they are improving their product in an amazing way... now with the SEC filings API you could build financial Apps easily.
This is really, really awesome! I used to have to use Thomas Reuters, CapIQ, Bloomberg, etc to get data like this and half of the time it was barely in a machine readable format and would also take forever to query. Supplementing this with additional categories (which would be super easy with kimono for the average business user) for other purposes like benchmarking, etc would make this a killer app for bankers.
I just stumbled into kimono and am trying to figure out what it does.... it creates an API from a list of websites or other API services that you want to aggregate?