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That's true... teaching people to seat and be respectful of other users is too hard... I am glad someone is disrupting the real issue!
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@picsoung I don't understand why is it so hard for some men to sit to pee. It is just so more respectful, cleaner, easier. Really, I don't see anything inconvenient about this.
@stephane @picsoung Most men think otherwise. I don't like to sit on my toiletseat when peeing. I like to keep standing. My dearest wish is to have a urinal in my house, but my gf will never allow it. She is very happy with Seatswing though :)
Thank you Thokap! Hi guys, I am the inventor of Seatswing. I have spent a lot of timing perfecting the toilet seat and this product really solves some problems. It's more hygienic, easier and it can even save your relationship :) It is also much faster. Seatswing is really the new way to go!
@maarten_stokman I am wondering if you can explain a bit more about how this works. Still don't fully get the mechanism from the videos or content.
Sure, see below!
@fzf Sure mr Fowler!! It is quite simple, I assure you!! The key to this product is the lightweight toilet seat. We currently have two models for which we have obtained patents. Model 1 (currently on Kickstarter): When you press the front, a clickingmechanism releases which activate the springs. These springs pull the seat up. When you push it again you pull the seat back down. As it's a lightweight product this costs you hardly any effort. Similar to a touchbin trashcan. Model 2 is the other way around. In the GIF is Model 1. In the longer video we have combined the two. Please have a look on this page and have a look at the GIF. That will explain you best what you will receive if you back me. I am really thankful for all your messages!! Here is the link to my Kickstarter page. https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...
@fzf That's right! But sir, you are not lazy!! It's you toilet seat that's lazy!
hah, simple and functional, I like the idea. 👏
Talk about Get Shit Done lol
Ladies, I'm sorry, but I am tired of manually lifting the toilet seat up and down. Yes, I am that lazy and that's why I am ordering a couple of these seats. Haha.