Seat Surfing

Nomadic community where you can find buddies to work with

Seat Surfing is a first nomadic community where users find people who work with together. It enables you to meet up with other nomads at a cafe, office, house or any space anywhere. It’s a sort of Couch Surfing for Co Working.
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Love this idea! I will be happy to join to nomadic community! Looks awesome!
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@dmitrykotlyarenko Thanks so much! Dmitry
Hey Product Hunters! 👋 I’m so glad that you would be interested in Seat Surfing. A couple years ago, I quit my jobs and turned into a remote styled freelancer. Traveled around the U.S, worked at cafe and coworking space temporarily. Although I would feel open, excited to everything, a sort of lonely also. Seat Surfing is a community which gives nomadic workers including me an opportunity to meet up with other workers at cafes, office, house, and coworking space. It’s all for free offering hospitality space like CouchSurfing.🏄 P.S. Seat Surfing is my second product in a series of #20PRODUCTS20WEEKS ( I’m working hard on several problems from my own experience there. Please check it out 🔥🔥
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Is it only limited to US ?
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@mikedane7 Thank you for your comment, Mike. This community is for everywhere. Working on improving more usability currently :)
Great way to open new opportunities and collaborations, awesome work 🙌
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@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan. Looking forword to booking your seat soon :)
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I like the idea, but it I know myself. I'm not going to add places into two apps. I use to check for places to work from, and add places I find. There is an option there to check in, so you can meet people.
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@katerinabohlec Yeah. Thanks for your interest in Seat Surfing :) Workfrom is one of the coolest place for nomadic workers but it's limited within cafes listed on the site. You can work with nomadic workers any place, for example library, house, and office.
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