Season Share

Split and share season tickets

Season Share is a fun and easy app to split and share season tickets with your friends and other sports fans. We offer a simple, streamlined solution for sports fans to split both new and existing ticket plans.
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    Really easy to use, split cost



    Great for Niners season tix.

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  • Alex T.
    Alex T.Niners, Giants, Sharks, Jazz

    Excellent platform. Very user friendly



    Love the product

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Hi! Thanks for stopping by our Product Hunt launch! Jon and I were splitting season tickets in 2015. We realized there needed to be a better way to split the cost of season ticket purchases and split up the games using a fantasy-sports style drafting system. We did some searching and nothing like this existed, so, we built it. Today, Season Share is the first and only app that allows you to split and share both new or existing season tickets. We will be on all day answering questions on both the founding of the company as well as the product. Thanks and we hope to hear from you!
Hi Product Hunt. Aaron and I have been working on this concept and product for several years now and couldn't be more excited to bring Season Share to product hunt. I've always been a fan of product hunt and the community. Thanks for having us! I'll be around for any questions you might have.
Love everything about this. Provides more access to more tickets across the board. Which is NEVER a bad thing.
@michelledbeadle thank you Michelle! Let’s get more people to more games!
Hello Product Hunters, I grew up playing sports, building things and watching sports with my pops. My family could never afford season tickets because they had to bear the finance of the multi-year seat license. Season Share doesn't require a multi-year obligation! The cost to own a season ticket is summarized in simple terms within the app. Finally! Season tickets made easy. Building this product was a blast! As sports fans and builders, we're aiming to make purchasing season tickets as easy as possible; adopting simplicity into every UI screen. In a couple taps, you can reserve a seat at your favorite team's stadium for the upcoming season. My favorite feature to build was our fantasy-style ticket draft. The system combines high throughput cache with real-time data streaming technologies to give sports fans the best in-class user experience. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Thanks for the opportunity to showcase our creation!
Love the product. Very user friendly and efficient.
@boggletoff thank you Alex! Appreciate the feedback and upvote!