A beautifully simple, fully customizable homepage.

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Heyya, Founder of here. It's simply a minimalist-designed, fully customizable homepage, with a pretty cool 'live' background - add any and all search engines into one search bar, add the websites you use everyday to the top, and enjoy 'Searfing'! :)
Ha this is pretty cool.... Although Im not sure why I'd use it - I just have my bookmarks and chrome search is google anyway 😁
@bentossell lol - I pretty much just wanted a better way to directly search other websites as well as Google (Amazon, YT, GoDaddy, SoundCloud, Maps) and I find it's easier having a tabbed All-In-One search bar :)
@hakjav Have you tried using DuckDuckGo with !bangs ? Very minimalist way to have thousands of direct searches?