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Hello folks! I'm a co-founder of SearchTrack, a knowledge sharing community to find the most useful links to understand any topic - collected, vetted and annotated by others. This collection of links is called a SearchTrack project. We just launched our chrome extension which lets you add important links to useful articles, contacts, products and services to your SearchTrack Project - on the fly. We would love to have you on board our little community of founders, entrepreneurs and intellectually curious folks sharing their research around a host of topics. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this. Thanks a lot :D
@animeshkmar Annotated, community-curated link lists seemed to serve a more critical role in content discovery years ago -- when search was less powerful and content less dynamic. More recent tools relying on users for curation have failed in part because linked content becomes outdated or goes off-line so quickly. How will SearchTrack ensure that the "search results" it delivers have a higher value than a random google search?
@kkdub First off, that's an excellent question and solving this challenge is one of the things that excite us. To begin, we have identified the following. Problem that SearchTrack addresses - -------------------------------------------------------- When you want to learn about a new topic, it takes several search attempts, followed by vetting of dozens of links, and then making sense of all that you went through. In fact, many a times, if you're really new at learning a topic, you might not even know exactly what to search for.. Coming to your Point - -------------------------------- That said, there's more to the problem than just outdated links. SearchTrack doesn't curate links to people. It curates bundles of links (to article, videos, contacts, products and services) best suited to understand any topic. We call these annotated, organized link bundles as 'SearchTrack Projects'. 1. When you create a Project around a topic on SearchTrack, you currently look for best links on Google, where PageRank does a great job at filtering out outdated content and add them to your Projects. 2. To make sure Projects stay relevant, we are continuously deploying community efforts to up vote or down vote poor quality, incomplete, irrelevant and outdated projects. Based on this, we can score individual projects after which our algorithms can "float" them or "sink" them. 3. To further improve this whole process of learning, we are building an AI which can identify links, best suited for your Project and pool them in on the fly along with you. Something we have learned - ------------------------------------------ In many cases (with exceptions) good content takes a lot of time to become out dated. For ex- some of Paul Graham's essays are really old, but among top advice on the internet for entrepreneurs. A bigger problem is "duplicate content", where people are putting up new content by "referring" to someone else's original content without adding much value in their own. Our community could help bring out "original" content over these pseudo-value content.. which becomes a breeze when human input comes in. And as I mentioned before, SearchTrack eventually wants to learn from how it's users are identifying 'Original' content to build suitable AI that can think alike and make this automated while they build a Project. Finally, your question of being better than random Google Search ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are not competing with Google at the point. In fact, our efforts are focused towards having our community create great Projects to learn a topic and have these come up on top when you search via Google, Bing, etc. When that happens, it's like you have been served the most useful links on a platter, vetted, used and up voted by a knowledgeable community. I hope this helps clarify my thoughts and we would love to have you on board our community. - Animesh and the SearchTrack Team.
@animeshkmar πŸ‘ Thank you for explaining your approach for me. I didn't put the (critical) community participation to curate & to populate data for an algorithm together. (Have to disagree on the Google. Absolutely competing with them. Competition = substitutesfor your product or service.) Some thorny but worthwhile challenges here. An AI that seeks original content is in and of itself fabulous.
@kkdub Haha :D Glad I could paint a clear picture!