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Hey guys! I've built SearchTrack with my team and want some feedback on it. It enables collaborative knowledge sharing through links. SearchTrack lets you save and organize your research - all the useful articles, videos, contacts, products and services - around any topic. From vacation to vocation. Best of all, you can have others collaborate in real time (with group chat to communicate). But SearchTrack is not just a tool. It's a community where people can choose to "publish" their research around the topics they have been learning about. So you can find all the good resources that others have collected around the topics you are interested to learn about. We're super stoked to share this with the SearchTrack community and are looking forward to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks! We're here to get some feedback and answer questions from anyone :)
Is this similar to Diigo?
@anodigital Hey Brian. Although Diigo and SearchTrack are addressing the same problem, there are significant differences - 1. Unlike Diigo, SearchTrack is a platform and offers a free tool. That said, we're talking free collaboration with unlimited number of collaborators on unlimited Projects. 2. SearchTrack Projects may sound similar to Diigo Outliners, but the former is more visual(link cards) and hopefully gives you a better organization of links (via Project Labels). 3. SearchTrack is not just a tool. It's a community where users can openly choose to publish their research experience (the SearchTrack Project) in a storytelling manner, with all the important content, contacts, products and services which helped them during their research. Lastly, we have carefully crafted the SearchTrack design to make it as easy to use as possible. It should hopefully feel more light-weight and social compared to Diigo. It does lack a few features at the moment, but it's been out for only a week. And we are working round the clock to make SearchTrack more powerful yet easy to use. Take it for a spin and we would love to hear your thoughts. In case you have any more questions, please throw them back at us :)
@animeshk right on. Will do. Thanks for the breakdown! Looking forward to checking it out. :)
@anodigital Sure Brian. Cheers!