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Kevin Granger
Kevin GrangerMakerHiring@kevin_granger · Data Driven Devsigner
Hey guys! I'm currently building this search engine for the Hearthstone card game, mainly because I was thinking that the one in game could be improved (and probably a bit because it's fun to do). I've also published an article on Medium to explain a bit the making. I hope you will enjoy the read!
Karthik Varma
Karthik Varma@leovarmak1
@kevin_granger I saw this before . So Cool !
Alexi Roy
Alexi Roy@_alexiroy · Serial Entrepreneur >
@kevin_granger The website is gorgeous and I love the little subtleties (like the golden card pop animation)
Alain@alainduruy · Designer at Criteo
Hey Kevin, Very cool product! The UI/UX is great! Nice work :)
Oliver Curting
Oliver Curting@oliver_curting · Founder & Owner,
Great interactions and UI/UX! Well done! :-)
Josh Dzielak
Josh Dzielak@dzello · Founder, DeveloperMode
This might be the thing that finally gets me into Hearthstone ;P