Let your assistant search your email, without the anxiety lets your assistant and teammates search your email account to get the information they need to be productive, without causing you, the boss, anxiety. Every search is logged and reported back to you, so you know they're not snooping.
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Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Could we have a demo video too. Would be great. Seems definitely useful
Super! We'll be using it for vacation coverage right away.
this seems like a fantastic idea
Hi everyone! I built for my own use and am now making it available to the world. My team members all have the ability to search my Gmail account for information they need to be productive. I get a report of everything they've searched for and accessed, so I can rest easy that they aren't snooping. For example, my bookkeeper might be working on reconciling my books and sees some Amazon charges, but doesn't know what I bought. She searches "amazon" using this tool to see what I purchased. It has personal uses as well. My wife often needs to know my itinerary for an upcoming business trip. She searches "expedia" in my account to get my flight info, so she knows when I'm in the air! It's much safer and less anxiety-producing than handing over my Gmail account password, because now I know what everyone is looking at. And, most importantly, I don't have to be bothered with forwarding an email every time someone needs information.
Love your product keep going!