Searchlight helps you write powerful words of support that highlight strengths and work styles, so that your teammate isn’t just a name and resume. We'll share your words with hiring teams, both in our network and yours. ✨
Jobseekers can start today too. 💼
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Hi, PH community! Thank you @katmanalac for hunting us! We’re excited to share our newest product with you all, Searchlight a Colleague - a unique, powerful way to help those impacted by covid layoffs land a job. We launched Searchlight, our core B2B platform on PH last year, and we’ve been improving our intelligent referencing software to help companies make better, faster hiring decisions. We now count companies like TrueCar, Udemy, and MasterClass as customers. But then the world changed in the last few months. We saw our customers and friends alike affected by layoffs, and our Searchlight team wanted to help. In the past year, we’ve seen the power of reference information to help highly qualified candidates showcase their strengths, work styles, behavioral fit beyond their LinkedIn and resume, early in the hiring process. We decided to use our core referencing technology to build Searchlight a Colleague, which is designed to help people help each other land a job. Here’s how it works. 📝 We’ll guide you through a quick set of questions to write a recommendation for your colleague. These are the same questions that are trusted by dozens of companies to make hiring decisions on our enterprise platform. 🚀 Share your recommendation with up to 5 Searchlight partner companies. It’ll go directly to their talent teams, no resume drop black box Our partners include Canva, Discord, and Front and are actively hiring and excited to receive direct referrals from Searchlight. 🤝 Connect your LinkedIn network, and we’ll identify the people who are actively hiring for a direct introduction. We’re keeping track of a database of 1000+ companies who are hiring, pulled from public lists and LinkedIn postings. We will surface people in your LinkedIn network who work at any of these companies, and help you to choose who will receive your Searchlight recommendation. 👩🏻‍💼And, for the jobseeker: The jobseeker can choose to request more recommendations from their prior colleagues to strengthen their Searchlight profile that we send along to our partner companies. Top benefits: 💎 Help someone stand out beyond their resume. 🎉 Engage your network easily and effectively. 🕺🏼💃🏽 Make strong referrals to connect someone to a great job. 🎈Searchlight a Colleague is public and free to everyone. If you want to write a recommendation, start here: If you’re a jobseeker, start here: This is our first consumer product, so let us know what you think. Thanks in advance for your feedback! P.S. This is our way to help the community, and we are not a recruiting firm. Our core business remains our B2B referencing software. Always happy to chat about how Searchlight helps companies hire, especially in this new remote reality.
@katmanalac @kerryxwang congrats on the launch. Such a wonderful and timely product. Best of luck to you and the team! I am using it now in my job search and hope to bring it with me to encourage inclusion at my next company.
Great product and definitely one that is needed during these uncertain times!
@iamnotdan Thank you Daniel! We feel privileged to be able to help.
This will hopefully help so many in need find great jobs and for companies to find great candidates!
@emma_wondergem thank you Emma! :) that's the goal
Love the the product. This is so helpful for thousands of talents to get great opportunities and for companies to source perfect candidates.
@copernicus Thanks Shuo! We believe making the match between companies and candidates more efficient is a win-win for everyone
Love this!
@nbushak thanks Nick!