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Searchbase is a Drag-n-Drop UI builder for search

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Thanks for the hunt @kwdinc! We are super excited to launch - configurable search layouts based on popular search experiences around the web. There are many website builders out there, but they fail at supporting data intensive apps. We started the project as a question to "Can we bring the simplicity of website builders for complex interactive apps?" For developers interested "in the how" of, checkout - it is the UI components framework that was used for creating these layouts. For those interested in a slightly more in-depth read, the link is
@siddharthlatest Looks really nice! Very interesting business model...I'm curious about the choice of a decent upfront investment vs monthly/yearly subscription. Is it that people could take the code and cancel, or is there something more to it?
@imakestrides That is a good question! For what we are offering here i.e. production-ready code of a user configured app, subscription doesn't seem like a natural fit. Searchbase is similar to themeforest, we provide configurable templates for search-centric apps. The primary subscription centric part here is data, when a user loads their own dataset (via REST or GUI). It is hosted on and we offer monthly / annual subscriptions for that.
@siddharthlatest Nice, makes total sense thanks. Best of luck with it! enables building search UIs for your next app in minutes with zero lines of code. It comes with pre-defined templates based on Amazon, Airbnb, Yelp, Product Hunt, Meetup, Hacker News that you can customize by changing the branding, search components, text labels, color themes.
This is a super nice idea. Congrats guys!
looks really neat. (Y)
Great concept. Very useful!