Search Funnel

The fastest way to get search results

Simply type in what you want to search, then select where to view the results from.

No need for extra bookmarks!

Very useful extension! Makes searching across multiple platforms quick, easy and convenient! Also has the ability to open your search in the current tab vs. new tab depending on the use case. w00t!
Useful, but the description really set some hight expectations. "Quick search across multiple platforms". I expected to type the search term and get the (agglomerated) results found on multiple platforms, and not have to select each platform.
@tostartafire sorry for the mislead. We originally had "the *fastest* way to get search results" (as mentioned in the screenshot - not sure how it got changed?? My only thought is because we included "*" in the description an admin changed it. Took that part out, hopefully it better reflects the intended usage).