Sealed Messenger

Send locked messages that eventually... unlock

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Hi everyone! Great to get Sealed on PH. This is a twist on messaging. Sealed sends time-delayed photos, videos, and gifts. It immediately notifies recipients so that they know their messages will eventually unlock, adding anticipation to the messaging experience. The most direct use cases could be for birthdays, holidays, and other events where you might send a greeting card. However, in my imagination, Sealed is fundamentally a tool to give close friends & family messages to look forward to, and could be used in many creative ways by a wide range of people. With future updates, Sealed will be the best way to send a gift card in advance. This is the MVP, built by the Hidden Founders team over the last several months. Curious for your feedback!!
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Henry Millermarketing, spitball
I like the function, but I'm not sure how often folks would actually use it. Can you un-send a locked message? Can you have a message unlock itself based on geo-location? This could be a cool tool for road trips/scavenger hunts. I can also imagine that this would be helpful for people who work in offices that don't let you check your work email over the weekend (aka all of France, which is a pretty big market). Basically, if you or your boss come up with a work-related idea, you could let them know that you have something to discuss without interrupting their weekend. Then the message would appear while you are on your way to work on Monday. Of course, the stress of not knowing what your boss wants might be even worse.
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