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Maxime Huber
@tontonhube · CPO at Seald.io
Thanks Romain for posting! Feels great being here today 😸. You can check www.seald.io for more infos. We started building Seald in Berkeley, and are now working on the product from Paris. We are thankful for all the feedbacks our beta testers already gave us. We've heard you and we've built a Slack desktop compatibility. Thanks for building the Seald com… See more
@geek_1001 · iOS/macOS Engineer. Founder of Flawless
I really love that security trend with human design in mind! Especially now (you know what I mean), we need to bring more and more people to secure their private life and conversations. The integration feature with messenger and other platforms is also great! Already signed up and currently trying the product :) I saw only Chrome integration, I'm using Sa… See more
Paul Betts
@paulcbetts · Lead Desktop Dev at Slack Technologies
This application will permanently edit your copy of Slack to inject unknown code into it. DO NOT INSTALL. I will be working with Slack staff today to see what we can do about this application.
@lucasbouyoux · CEO & Co-Founder at Gabsee
Awesome product & great team. You guys rock. Congrats
Laurent Jolie
@laurent_jolie · Co-founder Lalilo
Seriously awesome! I've been using the beta for some time. It's as simple as ABC and I really feel secure