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Really like the collaborative aspect and the app is beautifully executed. Well done!
.@nikkielizdemere - Go horse of the seas! Everyone, play around w seahorse and pls lmk if u have ANY ideas/questions/thoughts/anger-issues etc etc
@ohjertonsson Oskar this is an attractive product and solves many common problems of the photo storage/sharing domain. My only problem is that I've use two other products doing the same thing and both have been shut down. The first of these was sharpcast part of sugarsync way back in 2008! The second was more recent and a closer product to yours... Snapjoy. Again I invested a lot of time in uploading/persuading people to use it and despite the founder Michael Dwan saying this on Tech Crunch August 2011 in response to acquisition fears "If we sold Snapjoy and shut it down I'd be very sad. All my photos are up there and I love using it. We built it for ourselves, not to sell." sure enough Dropbox got their check book out December the following year and within a few months of that it was gone! As much as I want to love your beautiful Seahorse I know you can't guarantee that you will be around in the years to come and 'this makes me very sad'.... I'm sure you have seen how similar Seahorse is to Snapjoy ..... here's the tech crunch article in case you didn't.... I was in 7th heaven be it ever so briefly... :-)
@helencrozier - I'm moving today so its a bad day to answer the greatest question... but I managed to sneak away for a quick reply: a) No other product has done the same thing! I realize that might sound ridiculous, but I reserv the right to have that opinion anyway! :-) ... and its not only a "my baby is cuter" thing, it goes back to this: ... b) If we stopped voting for the small parties, and if we stopped using new companies services.. we would end up with a world where very few organizations decide everything... so even though you've been burned before, you just need to get back on the horse! Why not a Seahorse? ... c) Can I call/dm you tmrw? Would love to discuss more.
@ohjertonsson I'd love to chat.. and you should be proud. Saw your tweet about wishing your mother was on producthunt lol... I wish MY son was on here with something :-) I'm in Sydney, Australia so timing might be an issue - will dm you my calendar. cheers
Sadly despite my best wishes for a lovely photo sharing tool Seahorse hits the dead pool 😟 @ohjertonsson - oh and if you have any pics you want to keep make sure you get them out before closing date 29rg December. Not a lot of notice 😟 wish my prophecy had not come true!