Scup Care

Bye bye old tickets, modern messaging has met customer care

Modern Messaging has met customer service

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@chrismessina Thanks for hunting us! It's a pleasure to be on Product Hunt Scup Care has a new approach to customer service. Chat-first, Omni-channel, real-time, all within a unified user timeline. We support all major social channels, along with the traditional ones, like email and live chat. The result is a simple, fast and beautiful piece of software that brings context, relevance and awesome experiences to the final customers. We want to give the companies the power to talk to their customers the way they expect. All customer service product today were built based on old paradigms that don't really apply to the way communication has evolved on digital. WHAT WE BELIEVE Users should be in control of their time The time when people needed to get hang on a phone call for centuries is gone. With the arise of messaging platforms like messenger and whatsapp, users can finally get in control of their time, switching between real-time and not real-time conversations whenever they want. John can send a message to a company, get to work, and continue the conversation there. The company is always available and adapted to John's agenda. Companies should be where their customers are Companies should be like good friends. Always around, always available. That's how good relationships build trust and proximity. It's all about relationship The era of commercial transactions is over. It's very important to cultivate good relationships. We can only do that by knowing each other better and better. Companies should understand and adapt themselves to integrate user data and provide consistent, fast and warming experiences. Thank you all guys We expect to receive precious feedback from beta users from PH
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Looks like a cool product. I'm excited to use it for my company. I like the idea of a unified user timeline.
@natmaas Hey Nathan! Subscribe to our waiting list. Will be a pleasure to help you doing an awesome customer service in your company!
Very good design. Like it
@kevinosuna1989 Thanks, Kevin! We are very proud of our designer's hard work! We are handcrafting every single piece of the experience. This kind of feedback makes us very happy
This looks really useful! Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to try it out at my startup. :)
@sameerkat Thanks Sameer! Subscribe to our waitlist and send us a comment here or in private. We are creating a fast lane for hunters :)
Clear and coordinated layout- nice work!
@tom_downs95 Hey Tom, thanks for the feedback!