Scup Care

Bye bye old tickets, modern messaging has met customer care

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Renato Shirakashi
@renato_shira · Founder @ Scup & AVP Product @ Sprinklr
@chrismessina Thanks for hunting us! It's a pleasure to be on Product Hunt Scup Care has a new approach to customer service. Chat-first, Omni-channel, real-time, all within a unified user timeline. We support all major social channels, along with the traditional ones, like email and live chat. The result is a simple, fast and beautiful piece of software tha… See more
Nathan Maas
@natmaas · Product Manager | Founder
Looks like a cool product. I'm excited to use it for my company. I like the idea of a unified user timeline.
Kevin Osuna
@kevinosuna1989 · Freelance
Very good design. Like it
Sameer Sontakey
@sameerkat · CEO / Founder at Biostrap
This looks really useful! Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to try it out at my startup. :)
Tom Downs
@tom_downs95 · OnePlus Community Rep
Clear and coordinated layout- nice work!