Simple planner using Scrum to make your day more efficient

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Hey Product Hunt! My name is Sumeet and I originally created ScrumLife for myself! I think Scrum is a really basic, visual way to organize lots of ongoing modules - which pretty much summed up my daily life (lots of different projects going on at the same time - and I think many people live multiple lives here and could benefit from it). So I added this simple book alongside with my daily journalling and it helped me out alot! Of course being around lots of types of people who love being productive (medical students, entrepreneurs in coffee shops, etc) - a good amount of local people caught its eye and wanted their own - so I used it as an opportunity to get some funds for the nonprofit I work with (and that's currently expanding). I would love to hear from any/all of you! And much thanks to Ivan for hunting this.
oh and there is a special offers for Product Hunters on the simple site I have up - use "HUNTSCRUM" and you'll get 30% off of the delivered book and knock the downloadable PDF down to $0.99 :)
Looks cool, @sumeetj! Scrum is a great method. :)
Appreciate it @v4violetta! If Scrum can be used to make big companies and tech project more efficient, why not your life? Again, each to his own. This is just something that is working out well for me and some people have really liked. There are way more busy people than me who probably figured even better ways to be efficient and keep things ordered/organized. I am always on the search to do more and make every moment count, so if anyone has any other cool things they like to use, please let me know!
Wanted to give shout-out to @gregoiregilbert and the Non-App Calendar for being one of the paper-based, offline products that got me thinking to sell this product for the nonprofit!