A summary of all team data in Slack before your daily scrum

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ScottMaker@_stb · Founder/CEO @MyScrumbot
Hey there Product Hunters! We're uper excited to launch Scrumbot on here today! We have been fans for a long time :) At Scrumbot, we believe that managing your daily scrum doesn't have to be so hard. For product managers, tracking the daily scrum can be a grueling task, especially with remote teams. For Startup founders, there is a wonderful (and stressful?) time when attending the daily standup just isn't practical anymore. That is where Scrumbot comes in to play. We will gather all the data from your team, and the product manager (or even the CEO) can get a quick status check with a simple "/scrumbot report" in Slack.
Brad Herman
Brad Herman@brad3d · Head of DreamLab @ DreamWorks
@_stb just signed up via this post. thanks for making this.
Marcin Odchyl
Marcin Odchyl@marcinodchyl1
@_stb It seams to be a good way to improve information flow in project. Especially with remote teams. We'll try it.
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Reminds me of WorkingOn...
ScottMaker@_stb · Founder/CEO @MyScrumbot
@chrismessina In a similar vein. We really see this as a supportive solution for remote teams and startup CEOs that need/want an async standup report. Think timehack for startup teams.