How many miles have you scrolled today?

We all do a lot of scrolling in our browsers. If you could convert pixels to mi/km, how far would you scroll each day? This extension attempts to answer that question. (And maybe help us think more about standing up and logging some actual miles.)
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A very silly and very cool thing!!
@douglas_james exactly what i was going for :)
Since most of us now work from home, I found this a fascinating way to conceptualize how much time we all spend online. Putting the concept into miles reminds me I need to get out of the house and take some real steps. I may scroll miles a day some days - but lately that certainly isn't translating to physical activity.
This seems a fun tool. Too bad my mouse scroll is broken :( Can it detect the scroll done manually from mouse pointer from scrollbars?
@realdesigntack Hi, it should still work even if you manually drag the scrollbar or use the keyboard.
@prashantbaid Surprisingly, It didn't. I will try to reinstall and attempt again.
How about clicks?
😂 funny !