Record your screen right from your browser without downloading a single thing. No watermarks, no restrictions, no extensions, just head over to the site, hit record then download your video.
Check out a demo here:
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Wow this changes the game, going to use this to create all my demos
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This is cool. Are you planning on adding the ability to do a voice over also?
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@h_joseph_davis Will consider it for V2!
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@h_joseph_davis @thayallans Voice recording would be very appropriate and welcome.
simple and super convenient, can't believe no one's tried making this before excited to see more form you :)
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This is very cool.
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I love how simple and straightforward your screen recording app. Congrats on releasing your first product on ProductHunt Thayallan. I am curious what you used to create this app! :D
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@bremus Awesome Thanks! I've used Flask on the server side and leveraged the Google Chrome getDisplayMedia API on the client!
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