A user friendly, serverless JavaScript SaaS CMS

A serverless JavaScript CMS built for digital agencies and medium to large sized businesses.

Based on ReactJS, Scrivito is completely maintenance-free and has unprecedented security. It offers unmatched WYSIWYG usability for editors combined with maximum flexibility for developers.

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26 Reviews5.0/5

The concept of Workspace is one of the biggest pros of scrivito.

As a developer, the Workspaces helps me a lot with testing new features. Change code, test in a working copy and delete it. No other person has to watch out.

Also a big plus is the headless design. It makes it easy to create webpages, apps or skills for Chatbots.

Now with the java script support, no administration of a web server is needed any more.


Easy to use, concept of workspaces, headless, react js and ruby api


Can not make pizza

Git-like workspaces and widgets are very promising concepts for the CMS world. Many hidden features, like seamless CDN integration, the auto-sizing for images across different devices or rich tags from Great documentation.


- Intuitive use for website editors w/o training.

- No need to install software. It runs as a service.

- Reasonable pricing.


While the support to create web responsive sites is excellent, using Scrivito itself from a mobile device requires a tablet at minimum.

If you are a serious web developer and you need a CMS, scrivito is your choice. Get versioned content storage, an incredible inline editing for your editors and a sandbox for content changes (workspaces) right out of he box. You can concentrate on developing business logic, the add ons, your customer loves. It's a great time saver. Scrivito helps you to get more done in less time. And as you know - time is money, your money.


set up in a couple of minutes, great documentation, awesome support, high security


If you are not familiar with ruby or JavaScript you have to get into it. But - to be honest - this would help you to grow.

Love this!