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Scrivener 3 is a major update to Scrivener that not only brings some very cool new features but also improves and simplifies what was already there


  • BarceBlogger, Codebelay, LLC

    Great templates, places for research notes, footnotes


    The only other alternative is MS Word which sucks

    I've been using Scrivener for two projects: a novel, and a photo book. It is helping me with these projects very well. Unlike Word, I can create a section where I can put research notes. Who knows? Maybe Word does have this function but it is a pain to use Word, and you have to pay the Microsoft tax. One thing I really like is being able to synch across multiple devices. I can edit on my desktop, laptop, and mobile phone. If you're working on a novel or a photo book, this is for you.

    Barce has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Its itriguing to me. Im enthused about it and excited for the opportunity of checking it


    Can something be to engaging?

    Being a lover of writing I am drawn to experience this pemium new writers epic experience.

    Krystal Marie Nymann has used this product for one day.


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Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, CrowdLoot
"The new and improved Scrivener is available now for MacOS, and is “on its way” for Windows." Damn. I'm pretty sure they skipped V2 for Windows, also.
Jon Moore@shoshinzen
@rossdcurrie seriously. Also, not having sync using Drive or Dropbox, and an Android client is also woefully archaic in 2017
joshua@thewrongjoshua · Student
Scrivener, despite being amazing and my primary application for planning stories, has always looked dated. That's been my only real complaint, and this update seems to fix it. I'm excited to try it out!
kleerkoat@kleerkoat · Mechanical Designer
interested to see the “simpler” compile settings. scrivener is almost too powerful, it can be overwhelming to a new user.
gerasim_sergey@gerasim_sergey · CEO MacPlus Software,
and when will the Scapple update?
Michael Bouso@mikebouso
If we purchase the bundle (macOS & Windows) today, do we get an automatic update to V3 for Windows when it's released?