Web based Teleprompter editor with smartphone controller ✨

ScriptSlide helps people give presentation freely without memorizing or getting worried about forgetting the scripts. With ScriptSlide, people can save huge amount of time on memorizing and focus on their idea itself instead.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
it's very simple & effective web tool. so easy to use. it helped me on my class presentation!
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Yo!! This is bomb man I used this in my previous presentation and it was super easy to use, worked super well. Thanks!
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@hak_c Great to hear that Hak!!! 👍
Very cool! This would be a great add-on for Google Slides in a Presentation Mode.
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@coreyo Thanks Corey! It'll be easier for us to access Google Slides users! Thanks! 🙌
@coreyo Hey Corey, we just launched ScriptSlide add-on for Google Slides! Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the advice. :)
I made ScriptSlide to make every great idea worth. With ScriptSlide, people can think more, remember less.
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One of the most simple yet very useful application I've ever seen. Great job!
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@mikkodc Thanks for your feedback, Mikko! :)