An app that will write code to save developers time.

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 26, 2018
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Scriptgun is a dev tool that will actually write (some) code in order to give developers a boost start when they start a new project.

  • Pros: 

    insanely fast


    none so far

    Using Scriptgun I managed to get the most complete, custom and useful starter for my back-end in less than a few minutes. Hell, you can use it for V2 as well.

    Vali Mocanu has used this product for one month.
  • Cro 13
    Cro 13SA@AMZN

    Interesting as an idea


    Not very productive

    By looking at it from the presentation video it looks like an interesting idea but which doesn't work very well in reality nor does it scale.

    I doubt there would be developers, who would rather click hundreds of times to generate some code. It seems like a tool which a PM would use or maybe a QE.

    Developers like CLIs and in general things they could automate such as scripts, clicky interfaces not so much.

    Just to give you an example, I'd rather write my own swagger file in yaml and put that through some tool to generate the code for an API, rather than click through a bunch of interfaces.

    Also looking at the code generated presented, there seem to be some inconsistencies and also certain targeted frameworks such as Mongoose. The code style/formatting is assumed which may not necessarily follow the standards assumed by a team.

    I think you need to start working backwards, what is exactly the problem you are trying to solve for your potential client and go from there.

    Cro 13 has never used this product.
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Andrei Panturu
Andrei PanturuMaker@andrei_panturu · Founder at Scriptgun
Hi PH, Nice to be here! I’m Andrei, a 26 years old javascript dev and not that long time ago I lost a few days implementing a simple but large and time consuming app. That's why I started Scriptgun, an application that writes the code for basic and repetitive features to save developers' time. Just by describe how the data should look like and some settings you will get a fully functional Backend (node + express) with all the basic functionalities, a 100% configuration of the database (MongoDB) and more .. all in under 10 minutes. We plan to launch many features in the future ( Authentication, Swagger, frontend project, db query builder and many more ). Today I would like to share with you the MVP. I would appreciate very much any kind of feedback. Thanks!
M Snyder
M Snyder@msny_36 · Developer @DACC
@andrei_panturu Congratulations on your release! Seems like a great tool to bypass the boilerplate setup and get your app started fast. Did you make any guides or tutorials for basic sample apps? Would love a quickstart guide with a basic task app or something
Andrei Panturu
Andrei PanturuMaker@andrei_panturu · Founder at Scriptgun
@msny_36 Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately I didn't make any tutorials / onboarding process yet but this is a top priority in the future tasks.
Kiren Srinivasan
Kiren Srinivasan@srinitude · Software Engineer at Holberton School
@andrei_panturu Cool product! Are you planning on porting to other languages (Ruby, Python, Swift, Java, etc.)?
Andrei Panturu
Andrei PanturuMaker@andrei_panturu · Founder at Scriptgun
@srinitude in the near future, No. We will think about that after a full-stable version for javascript.
Dmitriy Levchenko
Dmitriy Levchenko@levchenkod · Making things at
It'd be nice to have this as a desktop app, so you can "code" and test all the changes on the fly
Andrei Panturu
Andrei PanturuMaker@andrei_panturu · Founder at Scriptgun
@levchenkod Thanks for feedback! "test all the changes on the fly" is a very good point. I was thinking to solve this by pushing the code into a git repo instead of downloading a zip with the all code.
Dmitriy Levchenko
Dmitriy Levchenko@levchenkod · Making things at
@andrei_panturu I think having things local has more perks: you have your project folder and git/grunt/webpack/npm/whatever setup in no time. But the main one (for those who have trust issues) - it's local. Also there's node-webkit, so you can convert it in to desktop app in a day or so 🙂
Wonderful idea. Lots of bugs, way to go