Scripted 2.0

Content marketing powered by freelance writers.

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So what's new with Scripted 2.0?
@travisleestreet The changes fall into two broad categories: opening up the marketplace and completing the content marketing software stack: Opening up the marketplace - Scripted 1.0 was a black box. Our customers would give us the requirements for some content and we would set a price, find a writer, manage that writer, and deliver the writing to the customer. The customer would have no interaction with the writer. In 2.0, our customers can set up a phone call with their writer, they can browse through our marketplace of writers, they can negotiate price, send real-time messages, build their own custom formats, etc. If you think about marketplaces as a spectrum of "centralization", where Craigslist is totally decentralized and Uber is very centralized, we swung from Uber much more towards Craigslist (while still guaranteeing the quality of our writing). Completing the content marketing software stack - We built a content marketing analytics dashboard ( and an editorial calendar planning tool ( So in Scripted 1.0 we were only involved in the "production" stage of the content marketing workflow. Now we can help with everything from planning, to production, to tracking the ROI of your blog. Thanks for asking and let me know if you have any other questions!!
Just submitted my first order. The order screen was pretty intuitive, I'm curious to see how it plays out with the "smart match" option. I wanted to go specialized but didn't want to be disappointed and flake on the more expensive writer. More willing to take a risk and still pay on lower fee because "I got what I paid for".
@smcguinness Awesome! Glad you found it intuitive. Feel free to shoot me an email (jake at scripted) if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.
@smcguinness Also, just added a 15% off membership coupon to your account.
@jakekring Thanks! I'm already up to 3 orders! The marketplace is pretty awesome. I could see that being a monthly thing for us.
@smcguinness That's the idea!
Should have shared this earlier, but if you use this link: and sign up for a free trial before next Wednesday, you'll get 15% off membership fees for life! Thanks for stopping by!
Signing up for future testing, fo sho. @getscripted @kwdinc
I've always wanted to try Scripted but was frustrated by how you had to pick pre-made boxes for your content type. Ex: Want a long blog post? Pick "Long Blog Post" but it can't be over 800 words... Also no real option for copywriting was a little disappointing but understandably maybe out of your wheelhouse. Looks like the new version might be worth a re-examination
@evankimbrell Yup! We introduced Custom Formats as part of 2.0. It's pretty easy to set one up and get bids on it from writers.