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It's a very well executed product by a very impressive team.
@skasriel Thanks Stephane!
An awesome product by a great team - I think there is a great need for this type of product/service... the marketplace component is super interesting (acquiring talented supply to match demand). For them to expose an API endpoint that controls/sources human generated content/services is the wave of the future. What do you guys think? Congrats @subes01 !
We used Scripted a few times before, the quality was actually pretty decent from what I recall.
@jasondainter awesome! We will continue to get better with time.
This seems like they are trying to catch the lower end of the market comparing it to Contently and Newscred but wonder what the quality of content would be ($49 / article.. seems hell low, even $98 for an expert)
@acondurache we are also introducing a higher end product which will feature writers you've heard of ;). If you are interested in beta testing email me at