Making it easier to write great sales copy 📝

Writing sales copy doesn’t have to be hard (anymore). ScriptDoll helps you write small campaigns (5-10 emails) to Monster Endeavors (30-60 emails) that you can use to sell your product over the span of months/years. All at the touch of a few buttons.
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Ryan Leverington💎💵 Serial Entrepreneur 💵
Signed up, Tried it and Eh, it doesnt work well for SaaS. I'd also be afraid to use some of the sequences, e.g the Comedian one, as once people have seen that once, they will realize that it is the exact same copy and paste type deal and either mark your emails as spam or unsubscribe. It needs some improvement to spin unique, relate able script. E.g I am selling to B2B Customers. Demographics have a huge variance. So inputting sex, age, etc doesnt cut it..Needs to allow you to select 'b2b' on the profile setup. Also no easy way to cancel the trial..have to contact support via ticket.
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Tyago Neres
Web Designer
Hello everyone, Found ScriptDoll while looking to improve some of the auto reply emails we sent out for our customer support. We didn't go through all the sequences/campaigns yet, but overall we are finding it very useful. :)
Vincent YeeHearti Lab
What is the roadmap for scriptdoll?
Jeremy HaynesCEO, Megalodon Marketing
This is just with less scripts for copy?