Hard science for a better box office

Would you recommend ScriptBook to a friend?


Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
From the site: "ScriptBook assists stakeholders in the film business with their greenlighting decisions by providing an algorithmic assessment of a script’s box office potential prior to financing, producing & releasing a film."
Ryan MacCarthy
@ryanmac · Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
Sounds like even more remakes and reboots in our future. Ugh.
Fanuel Dewever
@fdewever · Founder Growth Architects & Crowd Angels
ScriptBook is an interesting risk analysis tool for movie makers and their financiers by crunching the data behind movie scripts.
Kristian Kabuay
@baybayin · Artist @ Kabuay.com
So how does one use it?
Robin Singhvi
@robinsinghvi · Struggling Entrepreneur
Can script writers submit their scripts too? That would help them tweak it to improve its BO potential, right?