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PerMaker@oslokommuneper · Co-founder of Scrimba
Hey all, I'm the CEO and co-founder of Scrimba. Thanks for hunting us! Our goal is to make online learning better than in-person learning, and we're starting with code/programing. To quickly grasp Scrimba, I'd recommend you to check out this demo: Happy to answer any questions people might have here :)
Mark Nadal@marknadal
Scrimba is awesome, I've been a big fan since I first found out about them from hackernews a month or two ago. My bet is that they'll become the defacto tutorial system for programmers, like GitHub became the defacto repo host. Keep it up, you guys!
Chris Kalani@chriskalani · CEO at Wake
Dylan Marriott@dylan36032 · Software Engineer
@per @sindre Nice to see you here again :) Such an amazing product!
Nick O'NeillHunter@allnick · CEO, Holler Inc.
Ran across a video tutorial on Hacker News today that used this platform and thought it was super slick. Scrimba enables you to create coding tutorials that combine both presentation elements and a real code editor. Will be curious to hear how @perborgen came up with the product and how he managed to make the videos a fraction of the size of normal videos!
PerMaker@oslokommuneper · Co-founder of Scrimba
@allnick @perborgen Thanks! I'm glad you like it. It was my co-founder Sindre who got the idea when he was trying to create screencasts for his programming language Imba ( He became increasingly frustrated with the cumbersome process of recording, editing, swearing, uploading, encoding, re-encoding etc. So he started building Scrimba. Since we're recording events instead of dead pixels, our format is much more light weight (1% of video). This also opens up for interactivity for the viewer; simply pause the screencast and edit the code :)