Turn your wall into an interactive canvas

Scribit is an intelligent writing robot that can draw and erase images on any vertical surface, from whiteboards to glass or plaster, transforming it into a screen where drawings, messages or feeds can be projected.

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21 Reviews4.0/5
Such a smart, innovative and cute piece of art. Instead of filling your walls with boring frames, you can have anything you imagine on it. It’s the future!
I love it! I received it in a very nice packaging with all the explanations. It was really easy to set up everything. I love using it in my living room. Changing the wall design whenever I want is just amazing!
Pros: - Your wall design is only limited by your imagination - you can change the drawing every day if you like. - There is already tons of good designs available in the app and more are getting added (just wish it would be easier to see whats new, and maybe add favourites) - Possible to create your own designs - Robot itself is a cool interior design element - I leave it on my wall and it looks good (conversation topic for guests guaranteed) Cons: - Wall markers are not as bright as whiteboard ones, but you can still get cool drawing (might take 2 times for best effect) - Some nice design nails, screws should come with the package - or could be offered in scribit shop - A cardboard box which can be mounted/sticked to the wall for power adapter should come with the package (I did this myself, since I want keep it on my wall without any wires hanging on the floor) - API is not yet open, so programmers cannot implement some own apps for scribit (draw weather forecast each morning, top story from news feed, etc.) - I hope this is coming - Would be also cool if I could resize, mashup several drawing in the app
Amazing detail. So many designs to choose from, with additions being made available constantly. Now, the ability to create my own design, or even just text, as in words and sentences. Cant wait to see what they have planned or are developing for the future of this "Robot". All my friends, family and co-workers love it! And so do I! Thanks Scribit Team! Congrats!

amazing idea, amazing execution


I love it!


any replacement ideas for the two nails?

@sergohavenson adhesive nails might work if your wall is smooth enough. Suction hooks on glass are an other option.