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Matt Lanham
Matt LanhamHunter@mattlanham · Founder of
Cool little multi platform app that allows you to have your own personal wiki on your computer, really slick looking!
Sanjay Parekh
Sanjay Parekh@sanjay · founder & raconteur
Hrm - looks cool but won't launch for me on Linux 64-bit. Also isn't clear if this is a paid thing eventually or OSS (the downloaded file is a binary so assuming it isn't OSS).
Matt Lanham
Matt LanhamHunter@mattlanham · Founder of
@sanjay Looks like it will be paid for at some point as they have a "Support" button which leads to a page about supporting them and getting an "early access price"
Clark Wimberly
Clark Wimberly@clarklab · UX Designer
Looks kinda neat but using it feels exactly like most simple editors (with a left navbar). There isn't really anything that makes it seem like a "wiki" (annotation, inter-section linking, revisions, etc). Great start though, looking forward to more!