Chat app with handwriting & 3D. No Helvetica in bubbles.



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Trey StoutMaker@treystout · CTO,
@rrhoover You hunted the ancestor of this product, curious what you think of the latest tech?
Trey StoutMaker@treystout · CTO,
Hey Hunters! ScribbleChat is the first app of its kind, one that integrates real handwritings into a messaging platform. Here's what separates us from the competition! - (Handwriting > Fonts) Each letter is different everytime. Stop looking like everyone else and choose how your messages will be received. - (3D > 2D) We use your phone's GPU to enable a full 3D canvas for drawing. Meaning messages don't live in little 2D rectangle jails. They can interact with each other in ways you've never seen. - (1 touch replies) You're busy. Keep it personalized without touching a keyboard. - (It's what comes next) What comes after emoticons, emoji, gifs, stickers, customized stickers? full 3D 60FPS HD chat.