Scribble Online Whiteboard

Instant shared whiteboard. Draw on PDFs or images

Scribble is collaborative whiteboard app for iPad. Our release today allows people to draw with you via the web!

It is as easy as using a whiteboard in person, but even better. You can draw on PDFs or images, create in an infinite space, and quickly export the board when finished.

Also, the app has glitter (because we love glitter). ✨❤️

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Hey PH 👋 Scribble is bootstrapped by May-Li Khoe and I. We are both are passionate about creativity tools, visual thinking, and education. May-Li is the VP of Design at Khan Academy and previously designed and prototyped interactions at Apple including the Pencil. I previously worked on Paper at FiftyThree. My first iOS game, Lumen, was released almost exactly 10 years ago. We’d love to hear what you think about Scribble so far. There is so much we want to do with it.
Nice, @bridgermax @mayli! You both have a ton of relevant experience. There are a few online, collaborative whiteboard apps available. How does Scribble compare or differ (love the name, btw)?
Thanks @rrhoover! A big reason I wanted to build the app was to tutor my nieces and nephews. We had trouble with the existing whiteboards that didn't quite strike the right balance. Overall, we wanted something that was as easy as writing on homework together in person. The little things in Scribble that achieve this are: - Drawing on PDFs or pictures. They are fullscreen instead of floating attachments. - Synced scrolling. This sounds small, but other apps don't have it and it is so easy to get lost in an infinite whiteboard. - Great on iPad. Writing math with a mouse is a non-starter. We started with a native app to get really great Pencil support and good performance even on an iPad 2. I think the web app now works pretty well there too, but still can't compete with native. - No signup. My nieces and nephews forget their passwords to every account they have, haha. It was great we could draw by just saying a 4 digit code out loud.
@bridgermax +1 for the no signup requirement :)

I was going to go with realtimeboard But it does not work offline and this is so simple.


Offline on ipad. Distraction free simple


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