Screenzy is a simple picture and screenshot beautifier.
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Hi 👋 Screenzy is another simple picture and screenshot beautifier. Side-project inspired by Screely, with a few more features : - heading with font selection - photo frames (more to come) - allow pasting of a picture URL, including an Unsplash URL - gradient backgrounds - memory presets 💡TIP! Push the hue slider (the first one) all the way to the left for a transparent background, then use the PNG export. Feedback welcome!
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@yannougui hey Ian, I really like it. I would love the option to use it without the backgroud. Screenshots with only the "browser" can be extremelly useful for content marketing.
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@luqa Hi Luca. Just push the first slider (hue) to the left and you’ll see a transparent background. Then save as PNG.
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@yannougui thank you Yann!
Hi Joseph, you can beautify a code screenshot, enhance a picture for twitter as demonstrated at the end of the video, create a hero banner for an email (example:
Tried it out! Works great. Very useful.
It's super nice! Any way to remove the text block? Even if I erase the text, it still takes up space and the picture is not centered.
@anna_0x Hi Anna, if the text block is empty, it will not be generated in the exported image. Try it!
@yannougui ohh I hadn't tried it and assumed it would because of the preview.. Thanks!
🎉 MINOR UPDATE: new "rounded" frame, and when transparent mode is used, JPG export and useless sliders are disabled, and the heading is displayed in grey for better visibility (but still exported in white).