Track the amount and length of your mobile sessions on iOS

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Not sure if I'm ready to quantify this! 😅 cool app by @jonathananesand
Big thanks @bramk! The idea of an app tracking how much time you spend on your smartphone every day sprung from our own use of social medias, scrolling news sites, weather reports, mail threads etc. We were tired of ending up in the couch and spending 30 minutes of mindless scrolling. When we started talking about it, we also noted the mobile behavior of others. By looking on our family, friends and fellow passengers on buses and trains; we realized that everyone spends hours and hours every day on their smartphone. We found reports stating that the average user looked on their smartphone 100 times per day and that the usage contributed to physical and mental symptoms as e.g. depression, stress etc. We realized that the mobile usage is not always a conscious choice and that many people are unaware of the time they spend on their phone every day. We wanted to clarify this so that we all can make more well-informed choices on how much and when we use our mobile phone. We hope this is a useful and eye-opening app for you and we would love your feedback as this is the first version! Leave a comment or send an email to Happy tracking!
@jonathananesand @bramk @gmail Does it categorize time by app, or overall screen time? If you hit the "home" button out of habit to activate the lock screen, does it count that (asking for a friend ;) One of the screenshots shows location tags—curious as to why this is a feature.
@krisryanwhite @bramk @gmail Hi Kris! It tracks overall screen time, hence not categorized. No, you need to unlock the screen in order to start tracking, so no risk for extra time for just looking at the time for example :). Location services are needed for the app to be running in the background. All location data is saved locally (and not sent to a server).
@jonathananesand Hey Jonathan, can you compare it to Moment? (Haven't download it yet).
@agilek Hi Michal! One of the biggest differences is the battery usage (we use different techniques for collecting the data) so we have been able to reduce the battery usage significantly when running in the background :) However, since this is first version of ScreenUse Moment still has more features as e.g. Daily Limits and a family feature while we have focused more on statistics (to be able to follow your mobile behavior over time) and graphs.
How does that exactly work? Does it also measure how much time I spend in a certain app?
@manuelauer Hi Manuel! ScreenUse tracks your overall mobile screen time so not categorized per app. It displays your mobile consumption as how much (# of sessions and time used) and where you use your phone (on a map).
can you please add a widget?
@castromuff Hi Richard! Thanks for your idea. It's on the backlog :)
Haha looks super cool, gonna be really interesting to see how I do and maybe where all my battery goes! Nice one @bramk