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#4 Product of the DayOctober 01, 2018

A macOS app for capturing, annotating and sharing screenshots. Quickly add comments, highlight what matters or blur any sensitive content. Upload screenshots to Google Drive or Dropbox. Copy screenshots to the clipboard and paste them directly into Slack, Skype, Jira, Trello and lots of other apps.

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  • Alexander Isora 🦄Founder @ Unicorn Platform

    Awesome editor (especially love the blur feature)


    Watermark in the free version

    Screenshot tools is a high competitive market. One should offer a really slick product to attract users.

    ScreenTray has all the chances to become a notable player in this game!

    P.S.: great landing page, Dmitry!

    Alexander Isora 🦄 has used this product for one day.
  • Ferruccio BalestreriMaker // Student

    Awesome! Love that you can watermark all your screenshots!!



    Would love to have a shortcut to record a screen selection too and maybe get a GIF created from the video! I think a feature like this one would help screentray differentiate from its competitors

    Ferruccio Balestreri has used this product for one week.


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Dmitry SnopovMaker@dsnopov · Software Developer
Hi All! After several months of development, I'm really excited to share my first product with the PH community! While there are a variety of applications for sharing screenshots, most of them are forcing you to use their own cloud systems, which are not always reliable and secure. That's why I built ScreenTray which is focused on better integration with existing cloud providers like Google Drive and Dropbox. ScreenTray allows you to choose who to share your uploaded screenshots with. You can use a public folder for sharing with everyone who has a link or private folders for sharing only with your team. There are also a few more goodies like a simple interface designed for quick annotations, ability to copy directly to the clipboard, ability to watermark screenshots with the logo of your company. The app is completely free if you don't mind a small ScreenTray logo on all screenshots. If you want to remove the logo or replace it with your own logo, you will need to buy a license. To celebrate the release, I've prepared some special discount coupons for you guys: lovePH30 – 30% off (∞ allowed uses) lovePH50 – 50% off (50 allowed uses) Don't hesitate because they will expire in one week 😉 Let me know what you think about the app please. I will appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
Toni Codina@tcodinat · Entrepreneur, designer & Noon founder 💃🏻
@dsnopov Seems cool and useful! I'm curious - you don't handle the cloud storage whatsoever then? As in, considering it is stored in Google Drive / Dropbox. I'm not sure if that's more or less convenient - some would call it a feature to have free storage within the tool (specially if you're paying for it). Great tool nonetheless 😃
Dmitry SnopovMaker@dsnopov · Software Developer
@tcodinat Hi Toni! Thanks for your feedback 😉 As I said in my maker comment, the biggest advantages of Google Drive / Dropbox are reliability and security. For example, I once developed a simple web scraper and was able to download lots of screenshots from a popular service which provides free storage for screenshots. People often don't understand that those screenshots are public and capture sensitive information like paychecks, license keys, passwords and so on. By the way, that was just an experiment, I didn't hurt anyone 😃 Also, screenshots don't take that much space, and I personally prefer to keep all my stuff in one place (Google Drive).
Nick Walter@nickchuckwalter · Teaching code the fun way.
@dsnopov looks dope!
Dmitry SnopovMaker@dsnopov · Software Developer
@nickchuckwalter Thank you Nick!
Annie Milton@ani_hakobyan · Believe You CAN and You're Halfway There
OMG! I really like it!
Dmitry SnopovMaker@dsnopov · Software Developer
@ani_hakobyan Thanks Annie!
testing, will feedback in 3~4 days. First contact : seems cool, do not know if its adds too much too my actual workflow native MacOS sshot feature => It does take 150 megs and money and space on my drive , so far so bad if i may :) but willing to take it for a spin
Dmitry SnopovMaker@dsnopov · Software Developer
@francoolaami Hi Francoo! Thank you for the honest feedback! Actually, ScreenTray takes only 70-90 megabytes of RAM and it's not that much if you look at the competitors. It also allocates additional resources for each window, but they are immediately dellocated as soon as you close the window. As for, compare 1) take screenshot => 2) open a new tab => 3) paste screenshot => 4) annotate => 5) upload => 6) copy a link => 7) paste the link to 1) take screenshot => 2) annotate => 3) upload => 4) paste the link Anyway, I'm looking forward to your feedback in 3-4 days! Thanks!
@dsnopov ok you've got a point :) cmd+z not working is that possible ? also i would be super cool that screeshoot get's a "canvas" in order not to fill the screenshot
Dmitry SnopovMaker@dsnopov · Software Developer
@francoolaami That's strange. Command + Z should work. It would help if you could provide more details. Can you please send an email to with more detailed description? Thanks for the feedback!
Goldy Arora@goldy_arora · Goldy Arora
This looks great, I have a lifetime deal with Cloudapp and Wondering how is it different than them?
Dmitry SnopovMaker@dsnopov · Software Developer
Hi @goldy_arora! Thanks for the feedback! It's really hard to compete with lifetime deals, but I think that CloudApp is overwhelmed with features a little bit. ScreenTray provides a much simpler interface. Other than that, it's just a matter of preference. Some people might prefer Google Drive / Dropbox over the CloudApp cloud.
Owen Far@owenfar1 · Master the Internet
OSX Mojave just came out with a more robust screen-capture feature and functionality. .. What would you say that this product does better than the native version we are offered?
Dmitry SnopovMaker@dsnopov · Software Developer
@owenfar1 Hi Owen! That's a great question. While the native screen capture tool got definitely better in the macOS Mojave release, it's still missing some features that ScreenTray provides: 1. Simpler interface designed specifically for quick annotations. Just check out the combined arrow + text and rectangle + text tools. You will need more steps in the native macOS editor to achieve that. By the way, it is also missing the blur tool. 2. Advanced cloud integration. 3. Ability to add your own logo to screenshots.