ScreenTime for Starry Station

Keeping kids safer online in a few simple taps.

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Don Lehman
Don LehmanMakerHiring@afterschool · Head of Product Design, Starry
We have a big, new, pretty great software update for Starry Station today: ScreenTime 2.0! We think this is the best way to take control of your family’s internet usage and keep your kids safe. You can limit the amount of time spent online, block specific content and apps across all devices, and disconnect from digital distractions whenever you need to—all from Starry Station and the Starry app. Hot Deal Alert >>> We're also providing the Product Hunt community with $20 off + Free Shipping when purchased via through 10/14. Check out the Starry Station hunt here:
Jane Huschka
Jane HuschkaMakerHiring@huschkaj · Creative Director / Designer @ Starry
As part of the Starry team (and an enthusiastic beta-user of ScreenTime) I feel obligated to share one of my favorite discoveries about this feature. ScreenTime isn’t just for kids! For the Non-Parent’s out there, ScreenTime is an awesome tool that allows you to limit digital distractions in your daily life. A few of the rules I’ve found most useful: - No Slack on Saturdays - No Tinder after 10 - Limit Workday Distractions (blocks all social apps on my phone during work hours) - Bedtime (self-inflicted, screen-free sleep) What this all equals is that ScreenTime is great for me. Great for families. Great for just about everyone.
Max Woolf
Max Woolf@minimaxir · Absolute God of Hyperdeath
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Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
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Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
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Max Woolf
Max Woolf@minimaxir · Absolute God of Hyperdeath
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