Screenshotter PHBeta

Organize & manage iPhone screenshots (Product Hunt Preview)

Screenshotter is an app that makes it incredibly simple to organize and manage the screenshots you take with your iPhone. Initially built as an internal design tool for the team that created Cluster, Screenshotter will be offered for free in the App Store so other mobile designers can use it. We're making it available privately to the Product Hunt community first. (This is an experiment I brainstormed with @rrhoover.) If you want to know more, there's a Medium draft about why we initially wanted it, how we decided to create it, what the app does, and why we’re okay if Apple makes it obsolete in a future iOS update: We aren't quite finished with it, so we'd appreciate it if you didn't share this link. But we'd love for you to give it a try and tell us what you think. Happy to answer any questions. Also, all Screenshotter dev credit goes to @rizzledizzle (also one of the newest Product Hunters)!
@mulligan Thanks to you and the team for building this and then sharing it. Aside from hijacking the last few minutes of my morning, I am so grateful to have this utility on my phone now. The product is probably too inside-baseball-ish for mass consumption, but I'm sure you don't even care at this point. It does exactly what you say it does - simply and cleanly. Awesome. Questions (trying to be mindful of all the caveats laid out in your Medium draft): 1) Any plans to have this auto-create folders in the phone's camera roll? Could be a quick proxy for sharing, etc. functionalities of the gallery, not to mention I can play all in the same playground. 2) Plans to integrate with some sort of back-end? If you could somehow tie user's "Carousel" folder with a back-end, thereby being able for you to tell/show Dropbox that Carousel is the Top-10 screenshotted app of the day/week/whatever is a nice win for the design team, etc. Search for the name of the app from a list; if not there, create new. (not sure if I was articulate enough there) 3) Does an app version of pttrns, etc. exist? Even allowed? Integration there could be interesting. Becomes more of an all-in-one tool. Anyway, nice job!
@mulligan - thanks for the early sneak peak! As I've mentioned (and @_Hanks_ reiterates), this probably isn't going to be a billion dollar business -- and I know that's far from your intention -- but this is a good example of a single use app that solves a problem for a specific audience. My iPhone is filled with screenshots from my days at PlayHaven, recording mobile game patterns, but they're not organized in any meaningful way. Furthermore, they often appear in my Heyday feed and that's just annoying. :P cc @blader
@_Hanks_ totally agree about insider baseball. We built it for designers and developers. If 50 people use it, we're happy. :) As for your questions: 1) We're looking at Dropbox and iCloud sync, but will take a look at the camera roll stuff too. 2) We've thought about that. We wanted to keep it super simple and not require user registration or any communication with our servers. But, if people really like the app, we'll be more motivated to think a bit bigger with it. I think a natural angle would be syncing tag names with our server and then autocompleting when users create new folders. 3) I don't think so. Would be fun to have a pttrns sync at some point. Thanks!
thanks for building this. archive feature is my fave.