Screenshotter 2.0

An even better way to organize & manage mobile screenshots.

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We originally built Screenshotter for our own workflow at @Cluster. In May, we decided to release it publicly because friends kept wanting to use it for their own workflow. We expected a few hundred people to download it but it did much better than that and was downloaded over 20,000 times. The changes in iOS 8 really screwed up Screenshotter 1.0. So instead of fixing the bugs, we decided to rewrite the whole thing. Screenshotter 2.0 brings features people have been clamoring for since our first release, including backup, syncing and the ability to delete screenshots from your camera roll! In addition, 2.0 has iPhone 6/6+ and iOS 8 support, and folder renaming. We hope you enjoy it! Please leave comments below!
@Cluster @mulligan any plans to support dropbox upload ?
@Cluster @kwdinc if we get enough requests for it :)
@Cluster @kwdinc @mulligan I'll throw in a 2nd request :)
The app made me realize I had 1,021 screenshots, so I guess I needed this ;-). Thanks for sharing.
@sivola so glad it worked for you!
@cluster @mulligan Thanks for the update! I was seriously missing it. My feature request is a share feature so it might be solved with a dropbox integration:) => 3nd request!
@SoleneMa can you tell me a bit more about the context you want to share in?
I just used the app and deleted 40 pesky screenshots. Thanks!
@mulligan Thanks for the update. Could you explain where these screenshots get stored? iCloud drive or Cluster backend end? Thanks Sion
@Sion_Smith they are stored in the user's iCloud drive. They never touch Cluster servers.