Screenshot Guru

Screen capture bot for Twitter


Screenshot Guru is a Twitter bot for capturing screenshots of tweets. Just share the tweet with @screenshotguru via a DM and it will reply with a high-res screen capture in a private DM.

3 Reviews
Ileane Smith
Dinuka Jayasuriya
Arvind Lakhani
  • Pros: 

    Better than taking a screenshot of a Tweet


    Doesn't work well with video tweets

    Handy tool that I shared with the peeps in my Facebook group

    Ileane Smith has used this product for one day.
  • Dinuka Jayasuriya
    Dinuka JayasuriyaCodingRadio 📻 Maker's Kitchen 👨‍🍳



    Failed to capture a snapshot from GIF images and Emojis

    Emojis boxed out and it would be nice if it captured a still image of a GIF at least

    Dinuka Jayasuriya has used this product for one day.
  • Arvind Lakhani
    Arvind LakhaniI'm a designer.

    Can take twitter screenshots in a single click.


    Could be better if the screenshot is available in a much higher resolution

    It helps a lot. A LOT. Also, it would be amazing if the screenshot would contain the retweet also.

    Arvind Lakhani has used this product for one week.