Screenshot Flow

Super fast app diagrams to communicate design

Screenshot Flow is a screen grab app that also generates clever user journey diagrams from screenshots to communicate with others about an app's design and workings. It is fully integrated with Google Drive and provides a diagram viewer online to keep stuff quick & easy. Diagrams are compatible with for almost limitless options for editing.

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Hi PH community, this is my first submission here. I hope you find it useful! This project started out as a small tool for my own use initially, and later I decided to graduate it as an app to try its luck out in the wild. The idea came from my experience launching products for companies when I often found myself knocking up diagrams from screenshots to either communicate about an app's design or to analyse flows from a bird's-eye view. These diagrams were useful for comparing already implemented designs to the original wireframe specs looking for flaws and areas for improvements. In other cases they were just an easy way to provide instructions for someone on how to do something in an app.(e.g.: parents using Instagram) I didn't like the repetitious tasks of getting screenshots to the computer and the tinkering with the diagrams which is why I came up with the idea of an app to do all of that for me. All of the features in the app are free for 7 days, but if you message me in Product Hunt I'll reply back with a promotion code so you can have it free forever. (I have 500 promo codes to give out.) Please let me know what you think. There is also a feedback option in the app if that's easier. Thank you PH!
@danielvidonyi Nice idea. But I wanted to give you a suggestion. I see that you have used Google Sans font, but I don't think Google allows that for any commercial/personal use. Check out the license here: It says: "Google offers many fonts under open source licenses. This is not one of them. Please see for options you can use." You might want to double check and not run into any trouble.
@santhoshstyl Thanks for you note. The website has been revamped with a different font since.

looking forward to use this app more


easy to use



A video demo will be helpful Daniel
@kois_rojas Thanks for the tip. I've done a video and attached it above.

Sometimes figures appears where I don't expect them to be


Easy to use

Fast access


didn't find any major cons

Is this supposed to be an app or is to be used in the browser for now?
@aakash_pathak just saw its android only :(. Good luck, sounds like a neat concep
@aakash_pathak Thanks for the feedback :) What would you like to see, a web or an iOS version?