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#5 Product of the DayApril 29, 2017
Zack Shapiro
  • Zack Shapiro
    Zack ShapiroBuilding something new. brb.

    This exists. Wish it was more useful


    Hasn't been updated since iPhone 7, only has the 7 and SE. Doesn't lead to the most professional screenshots, can't resize iPhone

    Pay to remove watermark

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Ah! Aside from templates and variety, I would always want an online / cloud solution for creating -ready to download screenshots, mockups etc. Otherwise, the solution in terms of photoshop is always there (Not to forget, Android Studio helps you take device-frame screenshots!). Plus, I really don't find a market in static templates of ScreenShots, as good as mockups for 1/5th price from sites like
@tanishqsh96 This app is not a replacement for Photoshop. Instead it offers a much cheaper solution that is specifically tailored for screenshots and targeted at developers that do not have any design skills but do want to improve the first impression of their apps. It literally just takes a minute to make one.
@thedjinn Right, I am not comparing it in terms of functionality. But, already having so many online/cloud editors or screenshot makers, people will avoid "downloading" "installing" a software on their devices, lest paying for them.
@tanishqsh96 @thedjinn I like paying for software. Most times it protects my privacy over free. I also like smalls apps like this that accomplish a task fast. Sure if I have some grand vision of my screenshots in mind that this can't do, I will grab Photoshop, but this is great for getting nice screenshots out quick to the App Store when you're on a deadline to get the app out.
Yikes. $17 for an app that adds an easily obtained device mockup, some poorly line-spaced text and some tired gradients. I'd put that money towards a Sketch license and spend the time doing it yourself. You'll thank me later.
@joshuapinter My two cents: I've made many mockups before using free mockups from the web with photoshop or sketch but I still think this product is great and has market value. It's easy to use but still very customizable. It's very focused - you don't have to sift through mockups online and hope it fits the res for the store images, it just works. Plus it addresses a whole marketplace who don't know, don't want to learn, or are scared of apps like Photoshop (read: most people). He could get designers involved and integrate new designs right into the platform that you can buy with multiple versions of the mockup or request designs from a community of designers. And these users wouldn't have to be scared of learning a program like Photoshop or Sketch. I say great work @thedjinn! 👏👏
Hours this will save me. HOURS.
Nice one. Will you add more templates in the future?
@csaba_kissi Yes, templates for Android devices and different perspectives are coming soon!
Oh man, this is so epic. I normally do my own in Photoshop, but I love fast simple apps for getting my apps in the App Store faster, this will work great. If I need something this app doesn't have I have my normal companion. Great work! Hope it continues to update and evolve.
@nickprkins Thanks! Do let me know if you are missing something!
@thedjinn Android and PC screenshots would be great in a future update.
@thedjinn was hoping this was good for using when submitting apps to the Apple App Store, but no the output sizes are too small. Hugely disappointing. Please update and read what the requirements that Apple asks for.