Screenshot Builder Pro by LaunchKit

Create gorgeous App Store screens now for iPad + new layouts

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LaunchKit Screenshot builder saves me so much time. It's my go-to for screenshots for the app store at this point. Nice work!
@jenlooper thanks Jen. Keep sending feedback on how we can make it better! :)
The original Screenshot Builder was one of the most upvoted products on PH for a while. And over 800,000 screenshots have been exported using that tool. Holy shit. Of course with that much use, you get a flood of feature requests. But for Screenshot Builder, there were two requests that we heard over and over. The first was iPad support. People are creating universal apps and they wanted to make gorgeous screenshots for their iPad App Store pages as well. That's included in Screenshot Builder Pro, and we even support the brand new, enormous and beautiful iPad Pro! The second was being able to upload screenshots specific to particular devices. Sometimes the resizes iPhone 6 Plus screenshot looks ridiculous scaled down to an iPhone 4 size. So that's also added with Screenshot Builder Pro. We've also included the ability to clone sets, making internationalization easier, as well as new gorgeous full device layouts and lossless PNG exports. The person to thank is @heyimlance, who recently joined LaunchKit and built Screenshot Builder Pro from start to finish! We've also re-written how SB works, so adding Android soon wont be a huge task. So look out for that! Happy to answer any questions below.
@mulligan We used Launchkit EVERYTHING for Pikazo and especially loved screenshot builder, but just for the ease but for the help in thinking through what our shots needed to say and in what order. HUGE help, especially when you're MVP!
@mulligan LaunchKit just keeps getting better. keep up the good work!
It's easy to use and saved me hours of image editing. Best tool to create screenshots for the App Store. Awesome product! Love it!
This and Make App Icon are two of the biggest time-savers I have found on PH. Also, LaunchKit has been putting out some great products lately (someone should make a collection).
I almost feel guilty about how much value I've gotten out of LaunchKit's tools. The Screenshot Builder has saved me hours of fumbling around image editing. @mulligan and team know the pain points of launching and managing apps better than anyone, and they're solving them incredibly quickly!
@kotluv thank you. can't wait to show you what we have coming next.